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We serve natural, locally-sourced, free-range, hormone-free chicken all day every day. Our menu has natural roots. We support local farmers who ensure freshness all day every day and where our menu is engineered based on their cultivation. No, seriously. This traditional way of serving chicken seems to have become a thing of the past.

T-Licious is all about bringing the tradition back, with our own little kick. 



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Freshly sourced


Direct from nature

We made the conscious decision that we shall only source the best fresh natural ingredients sourced and delivered daily from the local market. Our ingredients are hearty and bursting with flavor, but free of GMO, antibiotic and hormones. Simply put, our ingredients are fresh, natural, and tasty.



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Our chicken

Natural All Day Everyday

Fresh & Natural Chicken

Our suppliers are our friends because protecting the integrity of food is of mutual interest. Our friends at Al Rawdah Foods provide us with the most traditional and local natural chicken we could find. We have other good friends who provide us with fresh and local produce, among other ingredients.


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